Be happy

The righteous shall be glad in the Lord, and trust in Him. And all the upright in heart shall glory. Psalms 64:10

To be happy is to cross deserts outside of oneself and find an oasis in the depths of one’s soul.

We may become anxious or irritated at times, but life is ours to manage. Like a great establishment or corporation that is to be managed and assessed daily, such is our life. It is our greatest affair.

We often misplace happiness and allow relationships or circumstances to influence our emotional wellbeing. There are many people who need, admire and love us, but we cannot depend on others to make us happy. Happiness is a self-business; it is our responsibility. The Lord gives us joy, and it is our responsibility to prevent our lives from festering in unhappiness. Proverbs 15:3 says that heartache crushes the spirit, so it takes some effort to shift the crushing to rejoicing. Paul was known to rejoice in his suffering, and we should too. To be happy is to find strength in forgiveness, hope in battle, security in uncertainty, and love through disagreements.

Gratitude, acceptance and love are key ingredients to being happy. One of the greatest skills to attain is to learn and develop a new perspective and a new philosophy. In the beginning it takes effort, but once the mind is renewed, happiness becomes natural. We must embrace our own feelings, whether good or bad. And we must also learn to cast down or reject inadequate thoughts like “I’m a victim”, “I’m unlovable”, etc. It’s good to go against the grain and be open to share poetry and feelings with others, even when we are embarrassed or offended by them. It helps us to grow a thicker skin and eventually learn to avoid thoughts of rejection.

It is also important to be more vulnerable and accepting of others. For instance, setting boundaries, like learning to say “No” and accepting when others say “No” too (without taking it personally). Being courageous enough to say, “I was wrong”, “forgive me”, “I need you”, and “I love you”. Be affectionate with others including children and elders. The bible says that we are to honor our parents, and in certain ways this can mean, be affectionate. And it tells parents to be gentle with their children, and husbands to their wives (Eph.4).

Being happy is not only to value the smile, but also to reflect on the sadness. It is not to seek praise, but to find joy in anonymity. It is not only to commemorate victories, but to learn the lessons in failure. Being happy is not clear blue skies, accident free roads or disappointment void relationships; to be happy is to receive the good with the bad. To be happy is to recognize that life is worth living, despite of its challenges, misunderstandings or moments of crisis. Being happy is to let loose and be free.

 Let Us Pray:

Dear Lord, Thank you for all your blessings, for our families, friends and neighbors. Thank you for all the beauty in the skies, the lakes and the mountains. Thank you for the excitement of celebration, birthdays, weddings and accomplishments. Thank you for the variety of animals, birds and insects. Thank you for the enrichment of music, art and literature. Thank you for the amazing jigsaw of life as you build our lives into a beautiful work of art. I pray you give us all the mindset of happiness. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


Written by Cruz Samuel

Co-written & Edited by Frances V.


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