Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. James 1:26

Who gossips to you, will gossip about you.

Why should God let you into heaven? We all fall short of the glory of God, but gossip is a clear sign of people who lack integrity, reverence for God and sincere love.

Our hearts have been corrupted and contaminated with darkness since the fall of man. But Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil. The Lord has given us His Holy Spirit so that we may love each other, be prudent and have discretion; not to gossip or slander.The bible tells a story in the book of Numbers that Moses sister murmured about her brother with Aaron, and God punished her with leprosy. The Lord made the sin of her heart visible on her body.

Matthew 15, says that all envy, contentions and judgement comes from the heart! Gossip is impurity of heart. The heart is contaminated and broken when the sin of gossip is present.  Many people know how to act the part, like the pharisees, clean on the outside but their hearts are tainted with arrogance, insecurity, hate and jealousy. Some people use the facade of prayer to gossip. For instance they say things like,”let’s pray about so and so because it’s crazy how etc”. Others claim to be zealous for God, but are envious and criticize the work of others. And then, there are others who are gossipers by association: they are friends with people who are bitter or are also bitter themselves.

We need to consistently ask God for self control and purity of hearts, because we may not be ready for Christ’s return!

Let’s pray:

Thank you Lord Jesus for your redemption. Thank you for justifying our wrongs and transforming our souls. I pray for your children Lord Jesus, those who may gossip and slander and even though who lend their ear to nonsense. I pray you bring conviction to people who are knowingly involved in gossip, and extend your mercy as well. I pray we would all be prepared when you return Lord. In the matchless name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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