Kiss from heaven

May the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:25-26

When the truth is preached, the Spirit of God brings each person face to face with God Himself.
Oswald Chambers

Many of us meet people online and speak on the phone, but eventually we like to be face to face for deeper connection. God is very similar to us, He desires to shine His face on us and show us love.

By having access to someone’s facial expressions we can tell much of what they are thinking, feeling and often what they are saying without speaking. Seeing the face of others helps us decipher between their honesty or deceit and also helps us better connect with others. We also, generally, acknowledge others by simply making eye contact. In very similar ways, the face of God signifies His presence and His mercy: it is to have His attention on us.

The Lord God either hides or shines His face over us. This means that He either pours out of His love and presence or withholds it from us. The scriptures in Numbers 6:25 express and declare a desire we should have for others and ourselves. When the Lord’s face is turned towards us, He is extending His love and mercy. He saves us again and again and shows us undeserved favor (grace). This can look  like physical strength, relationships or physical healing, spiritual things like hope, gifts, anointing (mantles, graces) or deliverance; and/or material things like a home, a car, a good job and things of the like. The bible says that the Lord looks away from the proud and arrogant, but is attentive to the humble of heart (Ps. 138). It also says that our sins are a barrier and result in God’s face to be hidden from us (Is.59). When God looks away from us, He is deaf to our prayers but did you know that this is not His desire? 

The character of God wants to shine in and through your life. He wants to good,generous and God over all. His goodness does not depend on your behavior, but on His character and thoughts of you: He delights in you! He is acknowledges you. He will never leave you nor abandon you. The Lord is not frowning upon you! 

Let’s pray:

Thank you Father God for smiling over us and giving us your tender mercies each day, I pray you guard our hearts from becoming proud or arrogant. I pray you help us all to receive your grace and light. As well as share your love and goodness with others. Thank you Lord for delighting in us. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

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