The 2020 shift

As a Hispanic female, I’ve experienced racism, stigmatization, profiling and hatred. But as a Hispanic female, I have also grown up around biased conversations, stereotypical assumptions and erroneous belief systems passed down from previous generations. It is not okay to dismiss the conversations at hand. It is very insensitive to say that there are better… Read More The 2020 shift


Anger is the result of other emotions; it is primarily a protective response to:  feelings of fear, sadness and hurt. having our standards violated; like betrayal, deception, blackmail, and other things we consider crossing the line. having blocked or unmet expectations; in other words, disappointment. In order to conquer anger, we must first understand anger… Read More Anger

Thank you Father God for today, another day. I’m grateful for my family and friends, I thank you for keeping them and guarding them from the enemy. I pray for the people who may be feeling angry and frustrated with the state of our country. I pray you strengthen our hearts and help us set… Read More