Devotional 1/13

This is what I observed to be good; that it it is appropriate for a person to eat and drink, and be satisfied in their toilsome labor under the sun (work), during the few days God has allotted for them- for this is their lot. Ecclesiastes 5:18

How could a person enjoy being awakened at 6 am by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force feed crap, defecate, pee, brush teeth, and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made money for some one else; and be asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so.
Charles Bukowski

King Solomon is known in the world to be a man of wisdom. History records the Egyptian queen of Sheba and king Solomon had an affair; and the bible tells that she was attracted to his wisdom. As we know the lands around Israel were at constant war against them. The God of Israel was known, and greatly feared. He was the king of Israel, built the temple of God and also prospered Israel greatly (financially). He wrote the book of Ecclesiastes, which is a great book to read when life does not make sense. I have learned many things through this book, one of which is that God created us to work! This actually bring glory to God, because we have been created for God’s purpose and to show His glory to the world.

Nehemiah, is another leader in the scriptures, who had a DESIRE to rebuild the walls for his brothers and sisters of Israel. He prayed and fasted for God’s help: favor, direction and strategy. And God gave him favor with the king, where the king provided time off, resources, and finances for the mission in his heart. The desires in Nehemiah’s heart coincided with God’s will; are your dreams profitable for God’s will to come to pass? And God saw the intentions of his heart, and offered him the help he needed to carry out his plan. What caught my attention was that the king asked Nehemiah, for timing. The king wanted to know the length of time Nehemiah would need, to accomplish the task. He estimated in 52 days, but what he really did was set a goal: he formulated a plan, but God directed his steps. Nehemiah rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in less than the time he approximated.

The reason why I bring these two men into remembrance, is because these men are historical figures who made an impact in their countries by their work! They made a life out of the time which was allotted to them. And even though they could have asked God for things self centered things, like wealth or fame, they sought God to be leaders. Leadership is a powerful title, although not many recognize its burden and call for diligence. Yet these men had intentions  beyond their “self”, and I believe God blessed them greatly because of it. I believe we were not created to simply work a 9-5, pay bills and die. But instead of feeding into the dread, I will take my behind to work until I can manage my own time and business. Yes, having a business is also work.

It says in the word of God, we were given time and work to do; we were created for more and to make an impact.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, thank you for your grace and mercy. For your love and forgiveness and your awesome strength when we are weak and broken. I pray for wisdom Lord, wisdom to make decisions, to speak and to act. I pray for the people reading, and ask that you bless us all with divine favor, acceleration of time and resistance against negativity and satanic assignments. May we rise above, set goals and walk into your prophetic preordained divine calendar in 2018. In Jesus name, Amen. 


Devotional 11/7

And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Luke 10:18

Satan is a fallen foe and has always been subject to the authority of the Son of God.

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God gave us desires, and He also looks to provide for them. Satan was kicked out of heaven, when he started speaking to the angels about taking over God’s throne. God kicked Satan, and 1/3 of angels hosts from heaven. That’s a lot of fallen angels. Don’t let Satan talk to you, and make you wonder and wander yourself away from God’s ways. God gave us a sound mind, a powerful mind of self control, and of creativity. The enemy knows how powerful our minds can be, if correctly used. And now, more recently research studies both in science and esoteric, have found our that the mind is extremely powerful. Have you acknowledged that your mind is powerful? Whether it is for good or for evil is really up to us, and how much self control we use. We can make decisions which appeal to please God or to please our own selfish desires. God does not have restrictions over us and our happiness, but He, as a father, sets boundaries for us in love. Holy Spirit leads us to make wise and godly decisions, but our flesh leads us to make self centered and self pleasing decisions.

Yesterday I mentioned that an idle (a wandering) mind, opens doors for the enemy.  For example, Eve, she fell for eating from the forbidden tree because it seemed okay to eat it, it was nice to look at and it would make her wiser. And the voice of the serpent was making her wonder about what God had already said. She let herself go into trouble, and away from God by her own desires. As human beings we have needs, and we also have desires: lets be honest. And then there’s Satan. We need food, but we desire tasty food. This is why there are fruits and vegetables all over the world, spices and seeds and animals of all kinds for us to enjoy. Yet there will be people, who will eat human flesh, and drink human blood. We enjoy beauty, yet this can easily become vanity or materialism. And if we value beauty, we are able to see the beauty in nature, find beauty in humanity and in art. Yet people become greedy and vain, becoming materialistic and coming into possession with anything and everything they consider beautiful. And we are also given wisdom, and seek wisdom; yet people do not go to God for wisdom.   I once heard a preacher say, God gave us our sexual drive- but He also wants us to manage it. And I think this is true, about EVERYTHING. The truth is that God’s Holy Spirit, teaches us to manage our fleshly appetites, and keep them under control and in balance. But since we are not prone to ask God for help, Satan corrupts our healthy and natural desires. For example, can a man and a woman procreate children? Yes. Can two men or two women make children by having sex? Nope. This is an example of God’s gifts and desires, being perverted by Satan. Another example, is gluttony. Do we not love food? Satan binds people’s minds to become gluttons. The devil LOVES IT when people make themselves slaves to a desire that God created and intended be enjoyed!

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I know that you are a God of order and of wisdom. I pray you give us all, desires that benefit us spiritually. Desires like reading your word, fasting, desires to forgive, desires to be sanctified and to spend time with you in prayer. I pray we many live a life of obedience and of balance with a heart focused on love. Please show us, areas of our lives where we may be allowing Satan to enter by our lack of balance and discipline. Examine our hearts, and help us to refocus on our callings and ministries, beginning with our families. Give us wisdom and discernment, against anything that could steal our time and attention, let us not be idle! Protect us from curiosity, and things which may cause us to wander away from you. Thank you for your presence and for the victory in every area of our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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