Devotional 11/16

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but *mighty in God for pulling down strongholds… 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.
Harriet Tubman

As a self taught psychologist, I am passionate on studying why people act the way they do. I believe the most valuable, and vital information in the kingdom of God which we need is to understand how our minds work. I began studying the mind, and human behavior in my late teenage years, before I gave my life to Jesus. I’m constantly working on myself. I do the work, because I don’t want my present or future to be affected. I can testify that the Lord has done a lot for me.

The Lord called me, and I said yes: God showed me that He was calling us to renew our minds: I thought, wow! God is passionate about the same thing as me. I choose to continue to teach about strongholds and how the enemy attacks us because we tend to experience the symptoms in the natural, and therefore dismiss the truth that Satan is behind the scenes.  See the source image

Strongholds are things the enemy planted sometime in our youth, and which have taken root becoming fortresses in our life: our own personal safety zone. We don’t recognize them as normal and natural. It’s not about the symptoms, it’s the root we have to attack, and it is why sometimes praying is not enough to stop pain, illness or sin, etc. I’m tired of seeing us be Satan’s victims. We are not victims, we are overcomers. The Lord will bring certain areas to our attention, when He knows we will make necessary changes and accept His guidance on how to be transformed.

We have been programmed since our childhood! There are things in each of us, which will surprise us when God brings them to surface. Things that may catch us on the blind side: sometimes we are oblivious to the roots in our lives: or are not self reflective, well informed on Satan’s tactics or on the inner workings of the mind. We all have Jericho walls that need to be brought down. And Holy Spirit can he reveal the root of the strongholds in our lives, so that we can destroy them.

Your freedom is worth the fight: do not settle to being a victim of Satan. We will not be fighting forever, although it can feel like we do more battling than anything? God has times of joyous restoration and renewal/refreshment (downtime to revitalize) too. Refusing to acknowledge that there is a time to fight and a time to rest, will frustrate and drain us. These negative emotions cause many believers to trip, stumble and fall during the process of transformation.

Please acknowledge that we are not weak, this a fallen nature and everyone has their walls to destroy (even when no one is speaking about their own struggles).

Let’s pray:

Lord God, we come before you to ask and implore that you the omniscient and All powerful God reveal, heal and uproot every stronghold in our lives. Show us how to go about it, and we will do it. Above all things, we want to be free in all areas of our lives. Thank you for freedom, in Jesus name. Amen.

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Devotional 7/31

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Romans 1:20

If anything becomes more fundamental than God to your happiness, meaning in life, and identity, then it is an idol.
Tim Keller

We all know someone who is rebelling against God, but says that God will forgive them anyhow. Others think that they are not sinning at all because they do not know what the bible says (or worse off, do not believe in the bible). So after all, is God wrong or are we?

To be rebellious is to deliberately disobey someone in authority (God, Husband, Spiritual leaders). And to have a rebellious attitude is choosing to be different from everyone else, and resisting to submit to what is expected. Rebellion grieves the Holy Spirit and causes Him to be our enemy! (Isaiah 63:10). Who would want this!?  See the source image

God considered the Israelites behavior as rebellion during their journey in the wilderness: The Israelites were actually complaining, and being ungrateful. The Israelites were not defiant in the instances which God refers to, but they did come against their leaders : Moses and Aaron. They spoke up against Moses, they grumbled and complained against their leadership.

We should evaluate whether we are in rebellion towards God, because God says that this sin is like the sin of witchcraft. And witchcraft is the summoning of spirits to manipulate circumstances in individuals lives. For instance, if we spend more time and energy on other things and spend minimal time with God… we may be committing spiritual adultery, which is rebellion towards God. Rebellion opens doors to the demons in our lives, and certainly brings consequences with it as well.

The world’s view of rebellion is a strict defiance of the law or of authority, but the truth is different with God. It is along the same lines, but it is also a covert and subtle path of deception. And we must all be aware of our flesh and it’s will. We rebel against God every time we choose to please our flesh, our ego, and choose our own understanding instead of choosing God’s standards and what His word asks of us.

Let’s pray:

Father God, you are the Just God and the omniscient One. I pray that You warn us when our hearts are tempted to turn to rebellion, whether it is by complaint, murmuring, contentions or defiance. We ask you to forgive our rebellion, and choosing our ways instead of your ways. We do not want to insult You, or grieve your Spirit with our arrogant and self involved decisions. And Lord please soften our hearts, and increase our spiritual senses to discern when these temptations are on the horizon. And restore us if we have been in rebellion, whether we know it or not. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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Devotional 4/10

We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. 1 Corinthians 2:12

I reminded myself that means… I always have the power to be who I used to be, who I am now, or who I want to be in the future.
It’s my choice, every day and in every situation.

Today I want to remind us all, that things happen in the spiritual realm long before they happen in the physical realm. God knows many things before they happen, but not everything is foreordained because our choices make a difference. You see, God reorders our steps, and knows how and what will align us back to His will when we’ve ventured away and this makes Him sovereign. He saves us, mends our brokenness, and capacitates us which demonstrates His grace. And then there is God’s endless mercy and faithfulness to the called: these are at work when He makes ALL things work for our good, even those that are meant for evil. But what about our free will?   See the source image

We cannot try to understand God, because we were not around to advise Him while He was creating the universe and all all that was created. But according to the bible and prophesy, God has decreed and conditional promises/prophesy. This means that God sets in stone what will happen, and when. God created everything, and He also created space and time!

God has a predestined conditional will, scheduled with divine appointments and favorable seasons and He also has a decreed will. All of God’s promises are Yes, and Amen… if you stay and grow in the Lord. God works all things out for those who love God, who are called, and called to His purpose. That scripture is God’s promise to those who have answered the call, and have demonstrated their love for Him by their obedience, and those who are after God’s purpose (not their own selfish endeavors). I know you don’t read the Bible like me, but God’s will for your life is conditional.

God is not a man that He should lie, but what we receive from God is not decreed: it is not a guarantee, it’s manifestation is very much up to us. The Lord is merciful and His ways and His thoughts are way better and much higher in esteem than ours. Can you live some time in sin, and God still bless your ministry and fulfill the prophesy He declared over you? Of course, but let me be as clear and direct as I can be: God is GOD, and He doesn’t owe you anything. God doesn’t lie, but He is holy and faithful to His written word.

For example, if you flirt with a married man, you will reap seeds of adultery. Why? Because God is the Just Judge, and He will not be mocked: we reap from what we sow. The Lord is love, but also a consuming fire: He can be merciful towards you if you insist on living in sin- but Romans 9:16 says that GOD’S MERCY IS NOT UP TO US… IT IS ONLY UP TO GOD. So seek repentance, because Mercy can someday be withheld from you.

The best way that I can put it, is in that there’s a secret place in us which only God knows. For instance, the teenager David being anointed, yet not serving as king until 20 years later. God knew that He had chosen David, for a specific time period, and He also knew the preparation David would needto have before entering His appointed season as King over God’s people.

We must be diligent, and work God’s promises and prophesies out, just like David, Joseph and Paul. Imagine that Jesus Christ appeared to Paul, and declared “you will be an instrument of my glory”, and Paul turned around and decided to settle for a life of sin. I’m certain God would have pursued him, and attempted to romance him in order to win his heart- but ultimately God’s character respects our FREE WILL.

The Bible speaks says that God planned them and knew of many things before they happened. But one of the things that make God upset, is when we choose to discard God. We do not acknowledge Him and refuse to to seek His desire. Let’s run this race with perseverance, towards the finish line. And prepare ourselves to receive God’s promises over our lives. As Joyce Meyer says, DO YOUR BEST AND LET GOD DO THE REST.

Let’s pray:

Lord God, omniscient Almighty eternal father. According to your word in Psalm 86, please listen to us and answer our prayers. We are your followers, so please protect us. We are your servants, and you are our God. We trust in you, Jesus, save us and be kind to us. I present all your servants God, make us happy according to your goodnessand mercy. Lord, teach us your ways, so that we live in obedience to your truths. Help us to make worshiping your name the most important thing in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.


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Devotional 4/8

“It was not because of his sins or his parents’ sins,” Jesus answered. “This happened so the power of God could be seen in him. John 9:3

Your best work involves timing. If someone wrote the best hip hop song of all time in the Middle Ages, he had bad timing.
Scott Adams

The church can learn many things from this blind man’s story. This man was blind from the moment he was born. We know that Jesus saw him, he was not exactly looking for Jesus. We also know that people, the disciples, knew this man and the way he was. From Jesus response when questioned by his disciples, we learn that God allows certain things, so that His works would be exalted. In essence, Jesus sees us! And He sees us in sad, unfair and desperate situations. He sees us going through difficult processes, and He has a pre-set time to show off! 


This story caught my attention (again), when I started wondering… if God saw him and his condition and knew He would heal him someday… then why did God make him wait? Then I had to try to answer my own question. These came to mind:

  • The man’s character needed to be built because when Jesus comes into your life, He breaks patterns & relationships: There will come a time when declaring Jesus is Lord will have you excommunicated, misunderstood, accused, etc., we must be emotionally, mentally or physically mature.
    (he may not have been able to live through the rejection/excommunication by priest & Sadducees)
  • God would use this miracle to increase the faith and knowledge of the disciples: If Jesus would have done it at another time, the disciples may not have received it.
    (For example, what if Judas and Peter had already failed God- the timing would be off. )
  • There was a truth to be revealed, a need to be addressed/clarified: why are people born with illness? Was it sin? Is God angry?
    (Jesus explained that God’s glory would be demonstrated by what He would do (heal them, or give them grace to live joy filled lives, etc.)
  •  Jesus was sent by God on a mission of purpose: to provide a service- to heal the sick, mend the brokenhearted, to set the captives free.
    (This was God’s prophetic time for Jesus, this was Jesus’ time)
  • The world needed to see that God breaks protocols: The Pharisees & Sadducees needed to see God work out of religious duty and ritual, but from a place of compassion.
    (The religious are used to giving to get, to do and get paid, to pray and get answers: but seeing God saw this man, and went to this man by no doing or request of his own… they were baffled)  

See the source imageIf we search the scriptures, there are many ways in which God works. We can’t stick to one manner in which God did something once, to do it forever. In this case God used his saliva and dirt from the ground… why did He use this tactic to give sight to this particular man? He had healed blind people before, 2 men by simply touching their eyes (Matthew 9:27-31). Why dirt? In my understanding, dirt is the dust of the ground. And dust is what God used to create Adam. I suppose, God went back to the point of the time when He created this man. Hint: God can go back into our past, even to the embryonic stages and cause change! Jesus used His saliva to heal this man. Saliva is only produced in our mouths, so it can be understood as the word of God. This miracle performed by the power of the Lord tells me that God spoke (saliva) to the material by which we were created (dust).   

The Lord says, ‘as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world’. And although Jesus is no longer here in the flesh, He is in the world through us: He is the Spirit of God, which dwells inside of us. Jesus Christ, is God with us, the Anointed One being sent of God, who does the works of God, who sent Him.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, change our lives God. Transform those issues which we inherited from sin, from our parents, from demonic assignments and even those traits you gave us to glorify yourself. May we be transformed like Paul, who was zealous- except that he used that fire against Jesus, but when you came into his life YOU redirected his fire. I pray you use our anger in the platforms where they are needed, our violent natures to war in the spirit, and our sensitivity to love others. I present all of our hearts in minds to you and your miracle working power, in the name of Jesus. Amen. See the source image

Devotional 3/18

Their deeds will not allow them To return to their God. For a spirit of whoredom is within them, And they do not know the LORD. Hosea 5:4

God’s love cannot be explained, only experienced.

God is passionate about His relationship with us. He cannot bear to see that we rather play with other things, instead of Him. After all He is God, he is our Maker, our Husband.

Image result for exodus 34:14Desires can overpower is when we become sucked into some fiendish spirit. Like the Gadarene, who when delivered were released to possess a herd of pigs. He was possessed by many unclean spirits, and had the pigs run violently into the sea. They left the body but remained in the area; there are territorial spirits which remain in the area until they are welcomed by omission or by deliberate disobedience of the word of God. Unclean spirits make people restless, where there is no quenching of their thirst or satiety or their wanting. We are called to retain God in our knowledge; to acknowledge him as God, to worship and glorify him; while the unclean spirit defines our convictions.

God has our rewards, we do not need to go after other lovers. But if we do, we resist the Spirit of God, not allowing Him to renew our thinking and our hearts, and inevitably gives us up to “the spirit of whoredoms” or reprobate minds (Romans 1). A reprobate mind is ‘a vain empty mind, worthless, good for nothing devoid of all true knowledge and judgment; incapable of approving what is truly good, or of disapproving that which is evil; a mind that has lost all conscience of things, and is disapproved of by God’. Unclean spirits prompt us and push us to commit whoredom, in both both body and spirit. Uncleanness causes us to do things which are vile, things which people without reason would not do!

This is why God calls us to seek and apply wisdom at all times. We must discern to have God in our knowledge, otherwise He will remove even discernment from us. This is a scary thought… imagine not knowing if it’s God with us or the enemy. Eventually these people, find themselves not caring, because it entails responsibility to seek God. This is specifically for believers who once knew the knowledge of God, where God also wipes away that which they had earned through battles in prayer and victories in the spirit.

Another thing which God does, as He did with Israel, is that He withholds His protection from us. He does not cause calamity or disaster, but He allows the enemy to attack. God weighs the hearts and knows whether we sin in ignorance or in defiance. And for both He has a reward. He knows that our humanity is challenged to seek Him, because His mercy continues to operate. Many people live this way, and it is a very much unhappy and discontent way to live. The zeal many have as believers battling with unclean spirits, is not according to knowledge, but rather of a hypocritical appearance or straight up fear of hell. The people of God, Israel, believed that if they fed their desires and also gave God His portion they could some how be excused if their sin, because their behavior comes from an ignorant place called unbelief. They simply did not believe God could make them happy, for a lack of better words. They could not trust that God would supply their needs, desires nor protect them: this is what offends God. The Bible is clear when it says that faith pleases God, and that whoever comes to Him- must come believing that He is: and that He is a rewarded of them which diligently seek Him.

Nothing hinders our joy in God, than the love of the world (pride and desires of the body and of the eyes), because the sorrow it births is different from the sorrow of following Christ.

Let’s pray:

Lord God Almighty, may YOU forbid any of us surrender to a spirit of uncleanness. May you give us revelation Lord Jesus of the battles we are in, and why we are being attacked. We are extraordinary in your hands, we are mighty world changers: I Pray we receive a fresh revelation of your love and of our purpose in order to specify the ‘why’ in our lives. May we run with perseverance, laying aside every weight and every sin too, that may hinder us to run the race you have called us into. May our commitment to you and obedience to human leadership be pleasing in your sight. In the name of Jesus! Amen.

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Devotional 11/7

And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Luke 10:18

Satan is a fallen foe and has always been subject to the authority of the Son of God.

Image result for God does not have restrictions, yet as a father He sets boundaries.

God gave us desires, and He also looks to provide for them. Satan was kicked out of heaven, when he started speaking to the angels about taking over God’s throne. God kicked Satan, and 1/3 of angels hosts from heaven. That’s a lot of fallen angels. Don’t let Satan talk to you, and make you wonder and wander yourself away from God’s ways. God gave us a sound mind, a powerful mind of self control, and of creativity. The enemy knows how powerful our minds can be, if correctly used. And now, more recently research studies both in science and esoteric, have found our that the mind is extremely powerful. Have you acknowledged that your mind is powerful? Whether it is for good or for evil is really up to us, and how much self control we use. We can make decisions which appeal to please God or to please our own selfish desires. God does not have restrictions over us and our happiness, but He, as a father, sets boundaries for us in love. Holy Spirit leads us to make wise and godly decisions, but our flesh leads us to make self centered and self pleasing decisions.

Yesterday I mentioned that an idle (a wandering) mind, opens doors for the enemy.  For example, Eve, she fell for eating from the forbidden tree because it seemed okay to eat it, it was nice to look at and it would make her wiser. And the voice of the serpent was making her wonder about what God had already said. She let herself go into trouble, and away from God by her own desires. As human beings we have needs, and we also have desires: lets be honest. And then there’s Satan. We need food, but we desire tasty food. This is why there are fruits and vegetables all over the world, spices and seeds and animals of all kinds for us to enjoy. Yet there will be people, who will eat human flesh, and drink human blood. We enjoy beauty, yet this can easily become vanity or materialism. And if we value beauty, we are able to see the beauty in nature, find beauty in humanity and in art. Yet people become greedy and vain, becoming materialistic and coming into possession with anything and everything they consider beautiful. And we are also given wisdom, and seek wisdom; yet people do not go to God for wisdom.   I once heard a preacher say, God gave us our sexual drive- but He also wants us to manage it. And I think this is true, about EVERYTHING. The truth is that God’s Holy Spirit, teaches us to manage our fleshly appetites, and keep them under control and in balance. But since we are not prone to ask God for help, Satan corrupts our healthy and natural desires. For example, can a man and a woman procreate children? Yes. Can two men or two women make children by having sex? Nope. This is an example of God’s gifts and desires, being perverted by Satan. Another example, is gluttony. Do we not love food? Satan binds people’s minds to become gluttons. The devil LOVES IT when people make themselves slaves to a desire that God created and intended be enjoyed!

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, I know that you are a God of order and of wisdom. I pray you give us all, desires that benefit us spiritually. Desires like reading your word, fasting, desires to forgive, desires to be sanctified and to spend time with you in prayer. I pray we many live a life of obedience and of balance with a heart focused on love. Please show us, areas of our lives where we may be allowing Satan to enter by our lack of balance and discipline. Examine our hearts, and help us to refocus on our callings and ministries, beginning with our families. Give us wisdom and discernment, against anything that could steal our time and attention, let us not be idle! Protect us from curiosity, and things which may cause us to wander away from you. Thank you for your presence and for the victory in every area of our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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